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Ford Bronco Bumpers

Introduced during the 1960s, the Ford Bronco revolutionized the multi-purpose vehicle, which is capable of comfortable on- and off-road driving. When you’re looking to restore or replace bumpers, there isn’t a limit on choices. From classic designs to custom innovations, there are several important factors to consider when searching for a Bronco bumper.

What are the different types of Ford Bronco bumpers?

Because of its terrain versatility, there are several types of bumpers compatible with a Ford Bronco. When selecting a bumper, make sure it’s designed to work with your specific year and model. The four primary Bronco bumper types include:

  • Standard bumpers: This design is considered the factory design for your Ford Bronco. While discontinued in the late 1990s, it’s still possible to find OEM styles. There are also aftermarket standard designs, but when you choose one, make sure to confirm that the bumper’s dimensions fit with your model body design.
  • Deep drop bumpers: Typically plated in chrome, this design is made for drivers who require significant towing capacity. Its ball height is low, which provides easier step access for lifted Bronco models.
  • Roll pan bumpers: Considered an aftermarket addition, this Bronco bumper is customized to fit the unique dimensions of this vehicle.
  • Step drop bumpers: This is among the most common rear bumper designs because it features multiple holes to attach hitch balls and to support lightweight towing.
What are steel and aluminum bumpers?

While there are bumpers in a variety of material designs, the majority of Ford Bronco front and rear bumpers are made out of steel or aluminum.

  • Steel: Capable of being used in custom designs, steel rear and front bumpers deliver the ideal aesthetics for your Ford Bronco. Steel is durable, which is necessary when taking your Bronco off-road driving. This material can withstand scrapes and abrasions caused by rocky and uneven terrain. This solid substance protects your Bronco frame and passengers from damage due to minor impacts.
  • Aluminum: Characterized by its extremely lightweight frame, aluminum rear and front bumpers are common. Because it’s not heavy, this bumper doesn’t weigh down your Ford Bronco. If you engage in driving where extra weight is preferred, such as on icy terrain, this type may not offer what you desire. Aluminum isn’t prone to rusting and withstands exposure to various outdoor elements, such as mud and water.
Who manufactures Ford Bronco Bumpers?

Even though the Bronco has been discontinued for several decades, there are several manufacturers that specialize in rear and front bumpers. There are two primary types of bumpers still made for this Ford classic:

  • OEM factory suppliers: Finding Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for a Ford Bronco is still possible. These Ford Bronco parts are made according to the design specifications for your particular year and model dimensions.
  • Aftermarket suppliers: Customized and performance-specific bumpers are manufactured by aftermarket companies. Make sure to confirm the fit for the year and body kit of your Ford Bronco before you purchase.

Каталог запчастей FORD USA BRONCO II 2.9 i V6 4×4

тип FORD USA BRONCO II 2.9 i V6 4×4
вид сборки SUV
тид привода Привод на все колеса
год выпуска от 1985/09
год выпуска до 1990/08
мощность двигателя (кВт) 104
мощность двигателя (л.с.) 141
объём двигателя (куб.см) 2935
объем двигателя (литры) 2.9
кол-во цилиндров 6
кол-во клапанов на одну камеру сгорания 2
код двигателя 96M
тип двигателя Бензиновый двигатель
тип топлива Бензин
вид катализатора с нерегулируемый катализатором
заправка горючего Впрыскивание во впускной коллектор/Карбюратор
тормозная система гидравлический

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